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Lompong Sagu Is Traditional Cakes Of Minangkabau
In West Sumatra, can be found a variety of traditional cakes, one of them is lompong Sagu, the traditional cake. Lompong Sagu is a traditional cake of West Sumatra and it’s very difficult to found it, because have increasingly rare. So, we must to keep this one for serve culinary for our child and grandchild.
Today Is Festival Randang Padang and Culinary Minang Exhibition
In Indonesia has often been some claim native heritage of Indonesia, such as Plate Dance and Randang. Therefore, to demonstrate the love of authentic Indonesian heritage they held a festival, the Festival Randang Padang.
Today, Tareqat Naqsabandiyah Praying Of Idul Adha Celebrate
Hundreds of pilgrims tareqat Naqsyabandiyah scattered in several areas in West Sumatra, on Sunday (13/10) is Idul Adha prayers. One of them in the mosque Baitul Makmur, Kampung Dalam, Pauh.
Ten Candidate Mayor And Vice Mayor Of Padang Had List Number
General Elections Commission, Padang West Sumtra, has been conducted to drawing and determination list number each candidates for mayor and vice mayor of Padang 2013 at open plenary session in Grand Inna Muara Hotel, Monday (1/9).
Jokowi : Economic Populism Is The Spirit Bung Hatta
Jokowi (Joko Widodo) has get appreciated and thumbs up by new students at the Bung Hatta University, when his has been describe about economy of people in a public lecture, On Saturday ( 31/8 ) at Bung Hatta University, Aia Pacah, Koto Tangah. He is describe convey simple things in order to change the economic and community environment that is taken from past trips its leader as the Mayor of Solo and Governor DKI Jakarta besides realizing the spirit and ideas of bung hatta.